Ottantik Arts

In our shop Ottantik Arts located in the historical and friendly atmosphere of Anadoluhisari where neighborhood culture is still alive, we are looking after antique objects who carry the traces of history and old cultures and who are produced with artisanal and artistic work.

Several objects who have the character of being used and with a story like being single are establishing a link between past and present. Also they offer a different alternative for decorating your spaces with the distinction of being decorative and functional. We invite enthusiasts for antiques and oldies to our shop to enjoy and to find something from their past.

Ottantik Arts



Who looks after, maintain and share the antiques.

Eda Ayakatİk

Eda Ayakatİk

"Don’t miss the past while you are on the moment; and don’t miss the moment when stucked in the past.“

Y. Ayakatİk

Y. Ayakatİk

Everything reflecting the soul of an artist and carrying the work of a carftsman is precious; and so i made from it job for myself.


Ottantİk Arts

Never loose the gifts of your grandmothers...


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